2023 Round 1 Awards

The York County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce the first round of awards for Opioid Settlement Funds. The initial distribution of funds totals $2,238,726.83 to 11 different organizations. A second round of awards will be announced in fall 2023. Applications from 32 organizations were reviewed by the York County Opioid Advisory Board. 

 York Opioid Collaborative (YOC)

The York Opioid Collaborative will serve as the coordinating body to support the development and implementation of a coordinated community plan to reduce the adverse impact of substance/opioid use in York County.  YOC will enhance its capacity to conduct research, convene members, facilitate co-creation of new initiatives, and measure and report to the community the effectiveness of the collective effort. As the coordinating entity, YOC will work to enhance communication and authentic engagement among members, establish a shared aspiration and common agenda, and collect and share metrics to continually assess and identify future community needs. This investment ensures that the community maximizes the opioid settlement funding long-term, as well as maximizing other partnerships and funding opportunities.

York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission (YADAC)

YADAC seeks to implement a project that will serve all of York County, titled “Reducing

Opioid Misuse with Primary Prevention Approaches (ROMPPA)”. The ROMPPA project represents a synthesized approach to expanding current prevention services in York County with a specific focus on intense service delivery. This comprehensive process is rooted in evidence and only includes prevention techniques that have produced the most promising findings.  This project seeks to target upstream prevention to reduce the risk factors that lead to substance misuse in general and opioids more specifically, spearheading school-based prevention initiatives.

 York County Probation – Reentry Coalition

This award will be utilized to create a trauma-informed space at the home of the new Reentry Opportunity Center (ROC). The principles of trauma-informed design include reducing and eliminating negative stimuli and environmental stresses; actively engaging individuals in a dynamic, multisensory environment; promoting self-reliance; providing a meaningful connection to nature; and supporting the development of an individual’s personal identity, which ultimately supports personal wellbeing and whole-person health. This design enables better connections and healthcare outcomes because it recognizes the connection between environment and a person’s outlook, mood, behavior, and healing/recovery.

 WellSpan – Sublocade Project

This project will equip WellSpan Addiction Medicine Treatment offices with Sublocade refrigerators, which are required for offering the Sublocade injectable form of Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT).  This initiative will expand the availability of MAT across York County and WellSpan will continue this initiative (and all ongoing expenses) for the years to come.

 WellSpan – Recovery Services

This investment will fund time-limited support for the expansion of WellSpan’s current Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) team in York County.  With two additional CRS staff, they will enhance access to Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) to those struggling with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) by increasing the number of prescribing providers, expanding entry points, creating workflows to support increased access, providing opportunities to transition the role of CRS in a MAT clinic setting, and continue to explore reimbursement models with payers.  This initiative will also provide hygiene kits to those in need of basic necessities.

Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center

This partnership is specific to education and will be a coordinated effort with the York Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission and the York Opioid Collaborative.  This team will assess, develop, and carry out data-driven best practice-based education programs.  This three-year initiative will deliver school- and community-based prevention educational offerings.

York Area United Fire & Rescue

Overdose and Naloxone training for first responders.

 Open Arms Recovery Center

Aiding the Hanover-based organization with funding for an additional Certified Recovery Specialist, plus the necessary computer and office supplies for the new staff member.

 York County Prison

Contribution towards Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) provided to the justice-involved population.   Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) who are incarcerated will begin or continue MAT during their time at the County Prison, to improve their sustained recovery and/or successful re-entry into our community.  

 True North Wellness

Funds to assist with essential staff training initiatives to impact those served and personnel costs.   True North provides trauma-informed care via counseling, crisis services (Residential, Autism, Emergency), and education and prevention programs.  This training and personnel funding is focused at the Hanover office, but will benefit individuals county-wide.

 Recovery House of Worship

This program will offer a Rental Assistance program for low- to moderate-income individuals actively in recovery battling substance abuse problems.  These services will include treatment assistance, peer support, homeless prevention, rental assistance, recovery housing and basic needs. This award will support Rental Assistance funds, a new Certified Recovery Specialist, and needed supplies.

 The Advantage Program

Mentorship program for youth aimed at reducing the risk of substance use.   Programming includes individual mentorship, financial literacy, personal development, drug prevention, and opportunities for at-risk youth.

The initial round of funding allocations fit into the following Opioid Remediation Uses and Allowable Expenses from Exhibit E:

  • Connect People who need Help to the Help They need (Connections to Care); Schedule B (C)
  • Support People in Treatment and Recovery; Schedule B (B)
  • Leadership, Planning and Coordination; Schedule B – Other Strategies (J)
  • Treat Opioid Disorder (OUD); Schedule B (A)
  • Prevention Programs; Schedule A (G)
  • Address the Needs of Criminal Justice-Involved Persons; Schedule B (D)
  • First Responders; Schedule B – Other Strategies (I)
  • Treatment for Incarcerated Population; Schedule A (F)

 The York County Opioid Advisory Board (OAB) anticipates reviewing remaining proposals and making additional recommendations to the County Commissioners before the end of 2023.  The OAB is eager to see these partners work together and continue growing as we serve wholeheartedly to change the lives of those impacted by this epidemic.