HazMit Toolkit for Municipalities

Your newsletter and social media are great ways to educate your municipality’s residents on Hazard Mitigation and encourage them to provide feedback as we update our plan in 2023. To make this effort easier, the York County Planning Commission has developed these resources to get the word out to your network.

Contact us at YorkHazMit@ycpc.org with any questions.  We will add to this throughout the course of 2023.


Newsletter Article

Download this Word document, with includes a 400-word article to include in your print or online newsletter.

Social Media

Below is intro text and graphics for use in your social media feed.  It includes appropriate hashtags and the links to our HazMit update website landing page.

How to use information below:

  • Feel free to copy and paste the text, including the link.
  • Right click on each graphic to download it to your computer, then upload it to your Facebook or Instagram page when you post.


There are actions you can take before floods, hurricanes, and other disasters happen to reduce their damage and save lives. That’s being #HazMitFit! 

Help us identify and prioritize the actions taken in your community: https://bit.ly/3KxArUQ 

#YorkHazMit2023 #DisasterRecovery #EmergencyManagement #planning

Toolkit Image - It Pays to be Hazmit Fit (JPG)


Is your community ready for the next hurricane, flood, or fire?

We’re updating Hazard Mitigation Plan (HazMit) and need your help to identify and prioritize the actions we take to reduce risk in advance of the next disaster: https://bit.ly/3KxArUQ

#YorkHazMit2023 #HazMitFit #Emergency #DisasterRecovery #EmergencyManagement #planning

Toolkit Image - Are You Ready (JPG)


#DidYouKnow that we can save up to $6 from the cost of cleaning up a disaster for every $1 we spend preparing for it. Saving lives, property, and $$ is why we’re updating York County’s Hazard Mitigation (HazMit) plan.

Help us prioritize the actions we take as we partner with the York County Planning Commission and York County Office of Emergency Management to update our HazMit plan: https://loom.ly/vFCdZfI

#YorkHazMit2023 #HazMitFit #Emergency #DisasterRecovery #EmergencyManagement #planning

Toolkit Imate - Did You Know (JPG)