York County Lead and Healthy Homes Grant


The York County Lead and Healthy Homes Grant Program is a vehicle to fight lead poisoning of young children in our community.  Over 57% of homes in York County were built prior to 1978, which means they may be unsafe for children since it is likely that they contain lead paint.  Our goal is to ensure that homes are safe for children to live, play and grow - by finding and removing lead hazards (as well as other household dangers).  Home owners and renters are eligible to apply for this program if the home is permanently occupied by children under age six if children visit and spend a significant amount of time in the home (i.e. family members or caregivers where children visit more than 6 hours per week).  For more information, view our program brochure.

What's the deal with lead?

The long-term effects of lead exposure and lead poisoning are detrimental.  Many times learning delays, behavior regulation, hearing and speech issues, brain damage and children requiring special education services can be traced to lead-exposure.  Children with lead poisoning are even at a higher risk for future criminal behavior.  Lead poisoning is 100% preventable and our children CAN be protected!

Is lead poisoning common in York?

York County has the 4th highest number of children poisoned by lead in Pennsylvania.  Over 200 children are poisoned every year and with only 13% of children screened, that number is likely much higher.  York County children are poisoned at a rate over 1.5 TIMES HIGHER than children poisoned in Flint, Michigan during the peak of the city’s crisis.  

How do I know if my home has lead?

Our team will complete a free Risk Assessment to determine if you have active lead issues.  We primarily find lead-based paint around windows and window sills, doors and exterior surfaces, in settling dust and other painted (sometimes chipping) surfaces.  Additionally, the Grant Program includes a “Healthy Home” Assessment, which will ensure your family is safe from other dangers like moisture/mold, carbon monoxide, electrical hazards and pests, unsafe surfaces, inadequate plumbing and more.

What if I suspect my child has been poisoned by lead?

We highly encourage getting your child tested by their physician!  It is common for young children, especially 2 and under, to have extremely elevated blood lead levels because the nature of their play at that age usually results in the child and their toys being on floor areas.  Knowing the numbers is essential for beginning a plan of treatment.  

Who is eligible for this free, grant funded program?

This is an income-based qualification program.  The income level varies based on the size of your family. View the income eligibility chart.  This Grant is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health Lead Hazard Control Program and is facilitated by the York County Planning Commission.  To confirm eligibility and/or to apply for the free program, contact Lisa or Kim at (717) 771-9870 x1713.