Go York

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Go York is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or MTP, a document required by the US Department of Transportation for every region in the country. An MTP looks ahead over 20 years to organize different ways people can travel in a city or region. It helps guide decisions about how to build and improve roads, public transportation, and other ways to get around. This plan is important because it decides which projects can get funded and built and includes all the work a regional government does to improve transportation.

Go York is also part of York County’s Comprehensive Plan, which focuses on how the county will grow and develop. It talks about where people will live, how the community will develop, and how to care for important resources. There's a part in the plan that specifically talks about the roads and transportation needed for the area's growth. This plan helps everyone understand the county's economic and community development goals. People who want to get grants also need to show that their ideas match the Comprehensive Plan.

We update Go York every four years to stay current and effective. You can read the most recent version (Go York 2045) by clicking on the link to the left. Our focus is now on developing the next version. Throughout 2024 and 2025, we are working on Go York 2050 and will continually update this page with additional information as it unfolds.

This site is hosted by the York County Planning Commission, the administrators for the
York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.