LGAC Restructuring

The Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) was created by the York County Board of Commissioners resolution in 1968.  It is a committee of elected and appointed municipal officials representing the townships, borough and city in York County, Pennsylvania.  The LGAC currently provides a network of information sharing for municipal officials on planning issues, and reviews planning projects and makes recommendations to the York County Planning Commission (YCPC).  To view the current meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, please visit the LGAC page under Boards and Committees.

YCPC staff, along with current members of the LGAC are taking a look at the bylaws, how LGAC functioned in the past, and how it functions now.  The group is exploring potential changes to the current LGAC structure and meetings to make it easier to participate and make it more beneficial to both the municipalities and the YCPC.

 A document has been created to provide an overview of LGAC for those that might not be familiar with the Committee.  The document provides an overview of LGAC, benefits of participating in LGAC, and next steps for getting municipal feedback on the restructuring process.  Please visit the document link LGAC Overview (PDF) for more information.

A survey is being developed and will be sent to municipal officials for their feedback. Once available, a link to the survey will be found on this page.