I-83 Exit 26

The planning team is preparing the draft land use plan (report) and will post on this site for public review.  Contact Project Manager, Michelle Brummer, at mbrummer@gfnet.com to be added to the list for notifications.

The I-83 Master Plan recommended a new interchange — Exit 26 at SR 921/Canal Road —to alleviate area congestion and improve traffic flow at Exit 24 to the south (SR 238/Church Road; Emigsville) and Exit 28 to the north (SR 297/North Susquehanna Trail; Strinestown). 

On Feb 25th 2021, the York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization adopted a Project Prioritization List based on the I-83 Exit 24-28 Master Plan. The project list has two scenarios, one if I-83 Exit 26 is approved and one if it’s not. The list also identifies projects that can start before the two year review and determination process and other projects to be removed or not prioritized at this time.

If Exit 26 is approved by PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the new interchange will take several years to fund and build. Meanwhile, development pressure in the vicinity of future Exit 26 will likely intensify. 

The four adjacent municipalities—Conewago, East Manchester, and Manchester townships and Manchester Borough—are proactively preparing a land use plan for the Exit 26 impact area (parcels within a five-minute drive of the proposed interchange or other areas identified by the steering committee). The plan may affirm current zoning or recommend revisions in one or more municipalities. The plan’s recommendations would be implemented through municipal zoning updates. 

We Want Your Perspective

What do you think the proposed interchange area should look like? What types of nearby development should be permitted and what areas, if any, should be kept undeveloped?

The perspectives of people who live and work in this planning area are invaluable, and the planning team invites your involvement throughout the land use study.

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Familiarize yourself with the project maps and documents (see links in sidebar).
  • Register for public events, which will be announced on this site as in-person or virtual events. A few minutes of your time expands our understanding of issues and the pool of potential solutions.
  • E-mail the project team your concerns and ideas.
  • Review the draft land use plan when it's released on January 27th.
  • Share this website with your neighbors and check back for planning updates. 

This site is hosted by the York County Planning Commission, the administrators for the York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is leading this multi-municipal study.

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