Technical Services

YCPC offers a variety of technical services to municipalities, including:

  • Assistance with New or Amended Plans and Ordinances: YCPC staff are available to participate in preparation or updating of comprehensive plans, ordinances, or other planning documents. This may involve attendance at meetings and/or providing informal reviews. Ordinance assistance may include zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances, traffic impact fee ordinances, and stand-alone resource ordinances. YCPC participation brings a regional or County perspective to the discussion, affords an opportunity to share how other communities are dealing with similar issues, and helps to assure consistency between local planning efforts and the County Comprehensive Plan as required by the Pennsylvania MPC.
  • Build-Out Analyses: Build-out analyses estimate the amount and location of future development that may be permitted to occur in a municipality under current development regulations. It also assesses whether the municipality has the capacity to accommodate new residents based on population projections. Recommendations are offered based on the results of the analysis. It is often conducted in conjunction with comprehensive plan updates or proposed school expansions.
  • Floodplain Identification: YCPC provides information regarding the use of Federal Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) and assists in determining the flood hazard status of properties located within York County.
  • LTAP Training CoursesYCPC coordinates with PennDOT's Local Technical Assistance Program to provide training, live demonstrations, and other technical assistance relating to roadway maintenance and safety. View the Fall 2020 LTAP Courses.
  • Model Ordinances: A number of model ordinances are available as a guide or example when developing resource management ordinances. 
  • Municipal Official Training: YCPC provides training opportunities for newly elected or appointed officials, or as a refresher for current officials. Training topics include zoning, subdivision & land development, community planning, official maps, and more. Please contact the Chief of Municipal Planning for more information.
  • Traffic Counts: YCPC can conduct traffic counts on any road and provide counts that include bicycle and pedestrian volumes, railcar volumes, total vehicle volumes, turning movements, and vehicle classification.