County Comprehensive Plan

The County Comprehensive Plan is a framework that guides the growth and development of the County, as well as the protection of its important natural resources. The Comprehensive Plan is made up of nine planning components, plus accompanying resource reports. Together, the Plan creates a vision for the future of York County and lays out goals and policies to achieve it.

  1. Plan Components
  2. Background Documents
  • Agricultural Land Protection Plan (PDF) - This plan analyzes designated rural areas in townships with regard to existing and proposed development, large farm parcels, soil quality, lands adjacent to preserved farms, and use of agricultural protection tools.
  • Economic Action Plan (PDF) - This is a countywide plan to guide economic growth and development over the next ten years. The Plan focuses on three overarching themes to achieve the vision of creating equitable pathways to economic prosperity for all: Creating opportunities for all people, Fueling the engines of prosperity, and Enhancing York’s sense of place.
  • Growth Management Plan (PDF) - This plan presents a vision for York County's future where balance is achieved between promoting economic growth and prosperity; protecting and preserving important historic, cultural, and natural resources; and maintaining the quality of life that residents cherish. The plan addresses York County's growth into the future through growth and rural areas concepts, the Growth Management Map, and growth management tools.
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF) - This plan emphasizes the coordination of state and local planning for hazard mitigation and emergency response through the identification of local hazards and mitigation actions. Having an up-to-date Hazard Mitigation Plan is also a condition of receiving various types of pre- and post-disaster assistance for mitigation efforts.
  • Heritage Preservation Plan (PDF) - This plan sets goals for heritage preservation in the County, provides an account of the historical development of York County, assesses existing preservation planning efforts and data sources, creates an evaluation process to aid in decision-making with regard to heritage resources, offers a variety of tools and resources for those interested in preservation, and sets out strategies and action items to help attain the goals of the Plan.
  • Housing and Community Development Plan (PDF) - This Plan meets the requirements of Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.   It establishes a shared, holistic vision of the state of housing and community development in York County.  Based on responsible planning for future growth including revitalization of our boroughs, city, townships, and protection of our natural, agricultural, and historic resources, it develops priorities to meet the diverse housing and community needs of current and future residents.
  • Integrated Water Resources Plan (PDF) - This plan is a long-range integrated water resource planning document used by the entities who share watershed boundaries within and around York County. The plan ties together water resource issues, provides a usable and understandable process that incorporates existing laws, data, reports, plans, and organizations, and presents information and analysis concerning the future of York County water resources.
  • Long Range Transportation Plan (PDF) - This plan develops a coordinated effort to implement transportation improvements to achieve York County’s future goals. These goals are supported by the public consensus of York County’s physical, social, economic, and institutional environments.
  • Open Space and Greenway Plan (PDF) - This plan provides a “greenprint” for developing York County’s portion of a statewide network of greenways to be enjoyed by current and future generations while protecting open spaces and natural resources.