Mapping & Data

The Information Systems (IS) Division is responsible for database and mapping development for a Countywide Geographic Information System (GIS). 

GIS System

The GIS is a database of County information that can be displayed on maps of the County. The maps are created through a combination of Aerial Photography and vector data, such as:

  • Floodplains
  • Roads
  • Soils
  • Tax maps and many other layers

Mapping and analyses can be done through combining and overlaying data layers to help make smart decisions in the County.

Where to find Maps and GIS Data

The IS Division manages the majority of mapping and data needs for municipalities, counties, and general public.  This division also plays a key role in coordinated mapping projects within York County government.  You can find web maps, GIS data, static maps, and more at the York County PA GIS Portal.

Visit York County PA GIS Portal