Educational Sessions & Presentations

Each day, residents of York County experience traffic, see new housing developments and businesses being built, utilize public water and sewer services, and enjoy local parks and YCPC can help you tie these daily occurrences together in an educational setting. YCPC offers educational sessions and presentations to many groups in the York County community. These groups include:

  • Classroom presentations - elementary, middle, high school, and college classrooms
  • Professional associations in related fields, such as:
    • Citizens groups
    • Civic clubs
    • Engineers
    • Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association
    • Surveyors


Topics can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience. Teachers are encouraged to utilize the YCPC resources to tie lesson plans to the work happening right here in York County. Some of the topics most recently covered for classrooms include:

  • Conservation of resources
  • Land Use
  • Local government and how it works
  • Transportation
  • Water use and conservation
  • Zoning

More Information

If you are interested in discussing a workshop with our staff, please contact us!