Project Development

Funding Opportunities

Local Technical Assistance Program

PennDOT’s Local Technical Assistance Program, or LTAP, provides technical information and proven technologies for roadway maintenance and safety methods to meet the growing demands of municipal governments. The program includes courses designed to help municipalities with the administration of programs and maintenance of equipment and assets.

Demonstrations & Technical Assistance

LTAP also provides live demonstrations and technical assistance to municipalities. Please contact YCPC Transportation Planning staff to request these services.

Land Development Plan, Traffic Impact & Highway Occupancy Permit Reviews

YCPC Transportation Planning staff reviews subdivision and land development plans, traffic impact studies/assessments, and PennDOT-required Highway Occupancy Permits. These reviews emphasize capacity, safety, and access issues associated with a proposed site and surrounding area, and complement the reviews conducted by YCPC Municipal Planning and PennDOT staff.

Municipal Comprehensive Plans

YCPC Transportation Planning staff reviews the transportation element of municipal comprehensive plans, including official maps and land use ordinances. Upon request, the Transportation Planning staff provides technical assistance to municipalities during the development of these documents.

Traffic Counts

PennDOT provides traffic volumes for major roads across Pennsylvania:

Requesting a Traffic Count

Any municipality in York County may request a traffic count on any road by consulting with the YCPC Transportation Planning Chief and submitting a written request on municipal letterhead. YCPC provides this service at a cost based on the work required to perform the counts. YCPC can conduct traffic counts for:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian volumes
  • Railcar volumes
  • Total vehicle volumes
  • Turning movements
  • Vehicle classification

Traffic Impact Fee Ordinances

YCPC Transportation Planning staff reviews proposed municipal Traffic Impact Fee Ordinances, which describe the boundaries and fee schedule for each transportation service area. YCPC’s Transportation Planning and Long Range Planning divisions also conduct reviews of Land Use Assumption reports, which the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code requires prior to a municipality enacting a traffic fee ordinance. Land Use Assumption reports intend to determine future growth and development potential within designated service areas. These reports serve as the basis for the development of the municipality’s transportation capital improvements plan.