Transportation Improvement Program


Below are nine surveys about road resurfacing candidates across York County. Take the surveys for the roads you use regularly.  The surveys will help define the scope of work and identify problem areas.

Creek Rd
Hanover rd (pa-116)
I-83 exit 8 glen rock ramps
Red Lion Avenue
Route 30 Hellam
Route 30 north york
Route 30 West York
Susquehanna Trail North
Trinity road (pa-616)

The Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP, identifies the highway and transit projects funded in the next four-year period. Capital improvement projects must be included on the TIP to receive state or federal funding. In some cases, YAMPO groups small-scale or undefined projects into line items on the TIP based on project type.


Although the TIP covers four years, all MPOs in Pennsylvania update the TIP every two years. YAMPO also modifies the TIP at its regular meetings to reflect project changes.  The information contained below is based on the adoption date.  

Click here to view an interactive map that shows the most dynamic listing of projects. 

  1. 2023-2026 TIP
  2. 2021-2024 TIP
  3. 2019-2022 TIP
  4. Obligation Reports

2023-2026 TIP information will appear here.