Long Range Transportation Plan

The federal government requires MPOs to prepare a Long Range Transportation Plan, or LRTP, to receive federal funding for transportation projects. The LRTP includes a list of transportation projects that must be fiscally constrained and based on the amount of funding the MPO expects to receive over the next 20 years. MPOs update the LRTP every four or five years to reflect new data and changes to regional priorities for transportation investment.

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan, which is a list of future major projects in York County, is part of the LRTP. YAMPO updates the CIP more frequently than the LRTP. You can view the current CIP here.


YAMPO is currently updating its Long Range Transportation Plan. Please visit the Go York 2045 website for more information about that effort. Until Go York 2045’s adoption, the 2017-2040 LRTP (PDF) is in effect.