Welcome! The York County Planning Commission (YCPC) contains 7 divisions which each deal with a specialized aspect of Community Planning:

Municipal Planning

Provides technical assistance in planning, zoning, and development as well as review services to the 72 municipalities that make up York County.

Long Range Planning

Is responsible for the on-going development and implementation of the York County Comprehensive Plan, which is the adopted policy for growth, preservation, and investment in the future of York County.

Transportation Planning

Conducts the federally mandated planning and programming for multi-modal transportation improvements in York County.


Provides the full spectrum of housing assistance from homeless grant administration to local agencies, home improvement and weatherization programs for residents, as well as the development of affordable housing rental and home ownership opportunities in the community.

Community Development

Manages the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs, which provide assistance to the county’s municipalities, non-profit organizations, and county homeowners.

Programs Management & Compliance

Coordinates the contracting and fiscal procedures for the federal housing and community development funding programs, as well as audits and monitoring visits.

Information Systems

Manages the internal network and equipment within YCPC, as well as coordinates the development of a countywide Geographic Information System (GIS) across all County departments and community stakeholders. GIS is a primary component in all community planning projects.

Additional Information

Please view the organizational chart (JPG) or the Staff Contacts for more information about the structure of the Planning Commission.