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York County Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Coordinator

Overview of Pennsylvania’s Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP)

Countywide Action Plans

York County is participating in a unique collaborative opportunity to improve local water quality and develop Pennsylvania’s Phase 3 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP).

Since April 2017, the Secretaries of the Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP), Conservation and Natural Resources, and Agriculture have been engaged in a stakeholder initiative that has included government agencies, state legislators, county and local government officials, industry associations, NGOs, and citizens on how to best approach the effort.

The key goal in this process is to engage partners at the county and local level and give them direct input into the planning and implementation of practices that achieve local water quality improvements that work best for local priorities. At the end of the day, no one knows local communities better than the people who live in those communities.

There are many choices to make about how county planning goals will be achieved. More importantly, in addition to achieving the nutrient and sediment reduction planning goals, this is an opportunity for other local goals of importance to be identified and implemented as part of this planning partnership. While these goals will include water quality improvements, they may also include items such as economic development, improving flood protection, enhancing habitat for brook trout, increasing public access to local waters, and more.

By utilizing this “bottom up” approach to meet the restoration and water quality goals, the Commonwealth will work with each county in Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay watershed to develop Countywide Action Plans  (CAP), also referred to as County WIPs,  for clean water that are realistic and able to be accomplished by local communities. County-level planning is the most feasible planning scale in terms of size, number, existing data, and ability to organize resources.

Pennsylvania’s nitrogen and phosphorus reduction targets are broken down into local planning goals for each of these 43 counties. These goals are a way for Pennsylvania to engage with local partners on shared issues and focus resources on efforts that help Pennsylvania reach its Chesapeake Bay goals.

Each county’s planning team receives a county-specific pollution reduction goal, planning tools, and a customized technical toolbox. County leaders use the toolbox to develop a mix of approaches that best fits the local needs and desires for local waterways. Some of the options are: environmental education, regulation and permitting, public works investments, restoration projects, and assistance to streamside property owners.

For more information: www.dep.pa.gov/chesapeakebay/phase3 .

County planning teams will be provided technical support resources as they complete the planning process. The technical support team will be comprised of:

DEP Internal Coordinator: This coordinator is a member of the DEP Chesapeake Bay Office. The internal coordinator serves as the point of contact for the technical support team and the county planning team. The internal coordinator is responsible for:

  • managing external coordinators, facilitator and technical contract staff.
  • oversight and management of technical contracts.
  • facilitating state resources for local planning and implementation.
  • assisting with the permitting and grant process for external coordinators.
  • helping in coordination with the verification process.
  • management and oversight of annual reporting and two-year milestone tracking.

DEP Technical Coordinator: The technical coordinator(s) are either a member of the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office or contracted by DEP to provide technical support to the county planning team. These coordinators report to the DEP Internal Coordinator. The Technical Coordinator will:

  • be responsible for providing information and facilitation of planning tools through the planning and implementation process.
  • assist with reporting and tracking of milestones and annual progress.
  • assist in model runs for plan development and during annual milestone updates.

DEP Facilitation Coordinator: The facilitation coordinator reports to the DEP Internal Coordinator. This coordinator is contracted by DEP to provide:

  • facilitation services.
  • organizational support.

County Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Coordinator: The external coordinators serve as the point of contact to their assigned county(ies) and are funded through an agreement between DEP and the lead agency of the county planning team. These coordinators provide regular progress updates to the DEP internal coordinator. They support county efforts to develop and implement their County WIP by:

  • facilitating planning team efforts and coordinating regular meetings.
  • seeking financial resources to support county efforts (grants, partnerships, etc.).
  • helping counties with permitting of plan related projects.
  • developing and updating county plans and progress as needed.
  • submitting annual reports.
  • coordinating verification process within their designated county(ies).

York County Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Coordinator
for the
York County Planning Commission

Equal Opportunity Employer

To assist with this important work, the York County Planning Commission is seeking a passionate and entrepreneurial Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Coordinator. The WIP Coordinator will be a visionary, dynamic person who can lead and facilitate the collective success of this countywide effort and serve as a public ambassador. The WIP Coordinator will support York County’s internal and external functions, including strategy, coordination, implementation, communications, community engagement, and data functions. Utilizing the goals and objectives laid out in the York County WIP, the WIP Coordinator will work with the Long Range Planning staff to lead, plan, schedule, coordinate and complete the work.

The WIP Coordinator reports to Pam Shellenberger, Chief of Long Range Planning.

Responsibilities:  The role of York County’s WIP Coordinator is exclusively focused on leading and supporting the work of implementing York County’s WIP. In that capacity, the WIP Coordinator will:

  • Provide visionary, adaptive leadership. Coordinate targeted watershed planning and implementation efforts.
  • Provide oversight, expertise and coordinate efforts with county-based planning team to further the implementation of the County’s WIP in support of Pennsylvania’s Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP).
  • Ensure all aspects of the planning and implementation effort are well-coordinated and communicated, guiding the planning team to develop annual priorities and work plans to implement multi-year strategic goals.
  • Maintain an understanding of current implementation challenges and develop comprehensive solutions to address them.
  • Support, plan and facilitate all meetings of the County WIP planning team.
  • Engage, guide and support partner organizations in aligning their work with York County’s common agenda to increase the impact of work happening across the county (e.g., identifying opportunities for joint programming).
  • Forge strong relationships to broaden and build support for the County WIP and Pennsylvania’s Phase 3 WIP. 
  • Identify and/or raise funding needed to sustain and expand the county’s efforts to develop and/or implement the County WIP.
  • Evaluate York County’s success on implementation of the County WIP based on agreed-upon goals, results, and indicators.
  • Work with local, state, and federal partners to ensure the coordination of efforts at local and state levels required to implement the County WIP and confirm the validity of the nutrient and sediment reductions submitted to DEP.
  • Compile, analyze, and present planning data and recommendations for the implementation and evaluation of the County WIP and the translation of that data at the county and local level.
  • Represent York County on the technical and community-based workgroups and special committees, as appropriate. 
  • Prepare and deliver formal presentations regarding the County WIP.
  • Participate in the development, negotiation, and management of contracts, agreements, and grants.
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct independent projects and special studies of county-based planning efforts

Qualifications: Applicants for this position should bring the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Ability to build coalitions with partners and stakeholders.
  • Ability to convene and facilitate meetings with a diverse set of high-profile stakeholders
  • Ability to take a leading role in group settings with people with diverse backgrounds. 
  • Ability to process, manage, compile and report data and summarize in a concise manner. 
  • Ability to conceive and execute programs with clear objectives, benchmarks, and deliverables.
  • Understands water quality issues.
  • Understands science and math principles.
  • Understands principles of strategic planning and management.


  • B.A. or B.S. in Community Planning, Public Administration, Geography, Communications, or other related degree
  • (Preferred) 3- 5 years relevant work experience in conservation, watershed management or a related field.
  • (Preferred) Minimum 5 years of coalition-building and fundraising experience, including grant writing, and demonstrated success in forging mutually-beneficial relationships and partnerships.

Skills:  The position requires computer literacy in Microsoft Office Suite (WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), attention to detail, and good oral and written communication skills.  Local knowledge of York County is a plus.  Knowledge of State and Local Government is also a plus.  A valid driver’s license is required.

Interested candidates should present a letter of interest and resume by 4:00 pm on January 3, 2020 to:

Felicia Dell
York County Planning Commission
28 East Market Street
York, PA 17401


Internship Opportunities

The York County Planning Commission (YCPC) offers internship opportunities throughout the year. If interested in an internship program with the YCPC or if you have questions, please send an email to the Assistant Director or call 717-771-9870.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The York County Planning Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.